Jamie Laird DVSA ADI (Car) Driving Instructor

Driving lessons in Worcester

The thought of learning to drive can be very scary if you have never driven before. Maybe you have had lessons but don't feel that you are progressing, or don't fully understand what is required of you. I have been trained to teach at whatever pace the individual student needs. If you are just starting out you will get highly detailed step-by-step instructions for everything you need to do, and (most importantly) the reasons why you should do it. When you are ready, your training will become a series of prompts and questions, but if at any point you struggle, I'll be ready to talk you through any situation. This will lead on to independent driving. When you reach this standard, you will be ready for your test!

My up to date training methods include the use of an iPad, which is used to demonstrate manoeuvres, show pictures of tricky junctions and email you your record card after every lesson so that you always know how you are progressing.

I can teach all kinds of manual car driving lessons, from the very first lesson to your test and beyond, like motorway driving, or any thing else that concerns you about driving "in the real world", like parking in a multi-storey car park, going to a drive-through restaurant or buying petrol. Intensive learning courses and ADI part 2 training also available.

Quality is guaranteed with all of my lessons. If you feel that your lesson was not beneficial, you don't pay for it.

I am a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

You can find me on Facebook under Jamie Laird Driving Instructor Worcester - please like me! It's a great way to message me in case of phone break down, then when you pass your test I will add a post to share this great news with the world.